About Us

intraining is Australia’s leading running centre and the one-stop shop for runners… and wannabe runners!

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a couch potato, we have ways of making you run… or, run faster!… And hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, injury free! You’ll be knocking out a PB (personal best for newbies) and adding to your Spotify running playlist in no time.

For over 40 years (that’s a lot of running shoes!), our multidisciplinary, family owned and operated business has provided running shoes, running coaching, injury management and rehabilitation services to over 100,000 runners. Maybe more… but who’s counting?!

We’ve witnessed a lot of blood, sweat and tears… beaming smiles, fist pumps (aka a gesture of triumph) and high fives. Our team have cheered many a runner across finish lines and we’ve seen people make life long running friends. We love seeing the excitement, passion and determination in the faces of our runners. It’s what we live for!

Our goal is to inspire, train, equip, support and transform runners of all ages and abilities to experience the life-changing joy and benefits of running. Plus, you’ll be joining the ‘red and white tribe' of intraining runners who stand out in every crowd!

In these unprecedented times, getting outside and keeping your mind and body fit has never been more important. Maybe you’re in an exercise rut, suffer from long term injuries or just need a new hobby, the intraining allied health professionals and onsite team are here to help you.

We give you the specialist tips (we know a few after 40 years), care and support (awe…) and customised programs to help you reach your goals. Whether it’s improving your health, running your first five kilometres or preparing for a marathon, the intraining team can help you.

So lace up those (properly fitted running shoes), throw away the tv remote and hit the ground running with the intraining family.

Steve & Margot Manning

Owners, Podiatrists, Coaches & Runners

CAPTION: The Manning Family: Steve, Margot, Brooke, Daniel, Zoe and Tonto (We also own a real running dog called ‘Farah’)