Beginners’ groups

  • Learn to run
  • Run without stopping
  • Train for your first 5km or 10km
  • Start your running journey here  
  • Meet runners like you who are new to running, or wanting to improve
  • You will feel supported to go from a walk to a run from the couch to 5km and beyond

Cate Butchers: "I crossed two finish lines yesterday, neither in great times but I finished. Thanks intraining for continuing to support a runner who will never win but keeps showing up.”




Toowong Intraining Shop James Bell


New Farm Park Ant Hutchins  
6: 00 pm Beginners,Group-


Margot Manning
6:00 pm Beginners -New Farm Park Ant Hutchins

Hear What Our Runners’ Say

Veronica Belcher

“Twelve months ago I had lost all motivation for running.  Thank you Laura and all the Wednesday Beginners’ Group for including me, making me feel welcome and looping back each week for the slow old snail that I am.  My next year’s goal is to improve on my 10km time”

Anne White

“12 months ago I started running and came to my very first running session at intraining with James Bell full of trepidation and convinced there would be no one else there struggling to run 200m…  I was welcomed, people were lovely and decided I would come again.   

12 months later - I’ve run a half marathon with the most incredible, warm, caring supportive group of people a girl could ever find

intraining has been such an awesome experience. I am truly thankful and full of joy that I decided to go running 12 months ago. ”