Run faster with light weight shoes

Author: By Margot Manning Director of intraining Running C  

Light weight shoes make you run faster… that’s a fact!

So if you’re trying to improve your times, are doing speedwork, or even want to have days when you feel lighter on your feet then you want to check this out.

With faster running:

  • Your form improves
  • You become more coordinated
  • You become more efficient i.e. don’t waste so much energy
  • You don’t need to the same amount of support or cushioning


What you want is a shoe that makes you feel as if you are hardly touching the ground - light, easy and fast!  

What’s so good about light weight shoes?

1. Less weight

They make it easier to run faster for longer thanks to reduced weight. Your feet are the part of your body that moves the most so every gram off means energy saved.

2. More responsiveness

Racing shoes and lightweight trainers do not block your normal action as much as a trainer. Your running form changes at faster paces and becomes more effective and efficient.  A lighter more flexible shoe supports a better running technique while also reducing the loss of force in propulsion.

3. Less injury

Running stress can lead to injury. By alternatively wearing two pair of shoes with a different amount or type of support you change the stress that is on your feet.

This changing stress leads to better adaptation, stronger bones and tendons, and less injuries.

4.  Bold looks

Racing shoes are brighter and flashier. When they look great you feel great.  Red was scientifically proven to be faster in a landmark study on confounding variables.  If you are going to run faster, you might as well look the part at the same time.

5. Maximum speed

You will run faster in a racing shoe for many of the reasons explained above. Depending on the shoe and the person it can be anywhere from three to ten seconds faster per kilometre.  That translates to a PB.  One thing you need to consider is that you are trading protection for speed in a race.  You will be sorer after using racing shoes especially when you first start.  Give yourself more recovery afterwards and you will learn to thrive on a lighter shoe.

To find out which light weight shoe would suit you best take the quiz!

Take our quick quiz to give you a bit more understanding on how light you can go

REMEMBER:  Test Running in the shoes in our store is the absolute best way to know before you buy.  

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