Shoe Fittings

Shoe modifications

You may have the perfect shoe except for:

  • Added cushioning in the arch that gives you blisters
  • Excessively large and painful bunion
  • Outsoles that wear out in 6 - 8 weeks - not good on the wallet!

Minor shoe modifications for all these are possible.  They can make your running shoes so much more comfortable.

Book in with our team to discuss what ongoing problems you have with shoes and how we can help.  

Shoe fittings

Our runners in the shop are super, but sometimes you feel the need for a bit extra help buying shoes, or you simply can not find a shoe that works.  

You can BOOK in with our Podiatry / Physiotherapy clinic team for bit more detailed analysis of your running gait, biomechanics and shoe selections.

Shoe fittings are perfect if you:

  • Have trouble finding the right shoes
  • Need piece of mind you are in the right shoe
  • Changing into different shoes
  • Would like a more thorough biomechanical check
  • Keep getting injuries


It’s so much better to have this check than not wearing shoes, or continually returning shoes.


You have run in your new pair of runners after trying on every shoe in t...

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