At intraining, we don’t just sell running shoes, we do everything possible to ensure you have a great running experience.  

The most common question we get asked is, “What is the best shoe for me?”

Our answer:  There is no one best shoe because it all depends on:

  1. How smooth you feel when you run in the shoes
  2. If it feels effortless
  3. If you feel supported

Your best test is to run in the shoes, then feel, LISTEN and COMPARE this to other shoes

You can test this at our shop on our running track.

  • Run with ease
  • Get rid of your aching feet and sore legs
  • Love your running
  • Feel like a new person

What to do to get the best shoe for you!

1. Take a test run in a few of our recommended shoes

It makes a huge difference to run in the shoe while buying.  Our in-store team will have you try three to five different shoes and help you decide what’s right for you.

2. Check-in with one of our Podiatrists

For difficult feet to fit book a appointment with on of our experienced Podiatrists instore

For a more thorough biomechanical check.  This is best if you have troubles finding the right shoe.


LISTEN to Steve Explain How to choose the right shoe for you.  

HOT TIP:  If you are running more than 30km a week, you should get a second pair of shoes!!

Alternating shoes becomes more important for many reasons  - allows the cushioning to refresh between runs,  allows variety of movement to your running body, reduces the risk of injury,  and makes you feel fresher for your “fast” days.