Marathon and Half Marathon

Speedwork and threshold

For marathoners, half marathoners, 10km runners and triathletes

Tuesday Speedwork, Thursday Threshold and Weekend Long Runs are the core session of our training plans. We help you learn how to train for marathons, and half marathons using pacing strategies that will have you running faster, stronger and with confidence.  

You don’t need to be fast - you just need to show up.  

If you are wanting to train for a marathon, half marathon or improve your running then these are perfect!!   We’ll help make it all happen for you.  

Session times and locations are offered morning and evening.

Every group follows the same program for Consistent training.  You can go to

we are “ Many Tribes…. One community”

To join a group:  You need to purchase a training wallet HERE

Your first session is FREE!

Speed sessions

Speed sessions are shorter hard repeated efforts where you practice race pacing and over pace sessions.

5: 30 am New Farm Park am Emma Skirving
5:30 am Indooroopilly Margot Manning
5:30 am Stones Corner Steve Beck
5:20 am Tennyson John Whelan
5:30 am Windsor Paul Broad  & Matt Horsten
5:30 am UQ AM Ant Hutchins
5:30 am Nathan James Bell
5:30 pm New Farm Park Peter Richards
6:15 pm UQ PM Steve Manning
6:30 pm New Farm Park Tracy & Bob  Baker
6:15 pm Chermside Solly & John Egan

Threshold sessions

Threshold sessions are where you run at an uncomfortable effort and can only hold brief conversion. Designed to increase cardiovascular capacity. intraining offer a range of sessions at various locations to help increase your fitness.

5:15 am  Chermside  Solly & John
5:15 am Indooroopilly Simon Sauer
5:15 am Tarragindi    Deanna Eldridge
5:30 am
New Farm Park    Kate
5:30 am
UQ Advanced Speed Steve
6:00 pm    Toowong    Laura Speed
6:30 pm New Farm Park Tracy & Bob Baker
5:15 am   Wilston Paul Broad & Matty Horston
5:15 am   Wilston Paul Broad & Matty Horston

Night flyers

A later evening session designed for the mum’s & Dad’s who need to “tag team” their work & family life.  ALso great for anyone who can’t make our usual Tuesday Speedwork times.  This group is dedicated to providing a safe and social atmosphere for runners from beginner to advanced who want to run later in the evening.

7:30 pm Indrooroopilly Bronwyn Lyndon

Long runs

Long runs are designed to build strength and endurance and are often over distance. intraining offer regular Sunday long runs from intraining Running Centre incorporating ‘on course’ water stops and a group of intraining singlets some 100 strong.

5:30 am & 6am intraining Running Centre, Milton

Advanced track

For faster, more experienced runners, and high school students.

A second speed session of shorter repetitions run at the UQ Athletic Track.  

Idea for runners 20 mins or faster for 5km.  

5:30 am St. Lucia Steve Manning

Trail running

Get off the road for a change in scenery with our trail running groups.  Perfect strength training and cooler running in Queensland’s summer months. intraining offer weekend trail runs across Brisbane and participate as a team in the local Trail run series.  Come and join us!!



Locations vary  Tracy & Bob Baker

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