Running orthotics for runners:

They are designed to:

  • fit your shoes,
  • be comfortable
  • adjust and be modified with your running as you improve or if they are need soem tweaking.

Two big reasons orthotics can help you!

1. Returning pesky injuries

Have you had a niggling injury that keeps getting better with rest but comes back when you start running again?

These are annoying and won’t let you sink your teeth back into a decent running program.

2.Long mileage creates unwanted niggles

Do you get problems every time you go above a specific weekly mileage? It is situations like these that you should consider your poor biomechanics as a culprit.

Orthotics can help address your biomechanical and structural deficiencies by:

  • balancing out your feet and
  • reducing the stress your body must cope with when you are running.

The benefit to you:

  • A more biomechanically balanced body can raise the threshold of training that you can safely do before getting injured.
  • Orthotics customise the shoe to your foot. If you have a different structure on each foot they can balance out those differences.

At the intraining Running Injury Clinic we use a variety of treatments to help address people’s problems. Often strengthening exercises, changing footwear or making a modification to an insole is enough to address the biomechanical causes of a runners’ problem. Where appropriate we use orthotics to make a more significant change.

The type of orthotics we use:

  • Customised heat moldable formthotics
  • Casted EVA
  • Rigid devices

Advantages of a formthotic over a casted orthotics

There are a number of advantages to using a formthotic as compared to a casted device.

  • Reduced weight
  • Increased comfort are the most obvious differences
  • Greater compatibility with your running shoes
  • Less expensive than casted orthotics
  • Fast turn around in manufacture
  • Durability is similar to an EVA casted orthotic
  • Perfect, in comfort and affordability for growing kids’ feet
  • However, it is also easier to get a formthotic to work with your shoes. They are about half the price and take less than a week to make up compared to a few weeks for a casted device that has to go to an outside lab. The main advantage of the casted device is durability so the long term value of the two types of devices is similar

    Private health for orthotics

    If you have private health insurance with Podiatry coverage, then you are eligible to have a new pair of orthotics each year. Some health funds use a calendar year schedule, so it is worth checking and then getting in to see us before the end of the year.

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