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At intraining Running Injury Clinic our podiatry team can diagnose and treat running related injuries to get you back out and exercising again.


Our podiatrists have access to a large selection of quality running and walking shoes if you are looking for a shoe fit.  

The intraining Running Injury Clinic provides on the spot convenient private health fund cover claims through our HICAPS system. Saving you time and effort so you can get back out there for your next run.

All of our podiatry team members are avid runners and/or triathletes at the clinic and understand how frustrating it can be having an injury.

intraining podiatry team

Steve Manning - Podiatrist

Bachelor of Podiatry | Level 4 Running Coach

Meet Steve Manning

Steve Manning has worked since the 1980s to create opportunities for runners of all abilities to pursue their running goals, to establish and maintain a healthy balance of sport, health and work in their lifestyle and to connect with other like-minded and supportive runners. He has done this by creating a community of runners, coaches, sporting podiatrists, physiotherapist and retail team with a large focus on inclusion and collaboration. He loves runners and what running can bring to people’s lives.

Steve is the owner of intraining Running Centre and began working in the store while still a student at school.  He graduated with Podiatry (Hons) in 2005 but while studying was instrumental in establishing the Queensland Sports Podiatry Group,  Steve has been on the board of Sports Medicine Australia Queensland branch since 2006.  He is an Associate Lecturer QUT.

Running….  Steve has run 24 marathones and competed over all distacnes from the track cross country and the road.  He is a Level 4 Running coach, and doting dad.

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Meet Margot Manning

Margot Manning is a podiatrist, coach, and runner. She has been practicing podiatry since 2006, and has owned intraining Running Centre with her husband, Steve, since 1990.

Margot has coached recreational athletes since 1989 and in the last 5 years has been coaching junior athletes and children. As an athlete, Margot has competed on the track, over cross country and in road races from 5km to the marathon at state and national levels.

Margot does enjoy trying to inspire a life long love of running and works to help runners, and walkers manage their injuries, footwear and exercise to remain active.

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Margot Manning

Bachelor of Podiatry | Running Coach


Meet Doug James

Doug James is a qualified physiotherapist and podiatrist with special interest in running and sports injuries. He combines the two treatment approaches to achieve successful outcomes for clients of all abilities from non-athletes through to elite athletes.

Doug has undertaken further training in dry needling, Pilates, and Rocktape and may incorporate these as necessary during treatment.

In addition to treating sports injuries, Doug has experience in working with people who require (or have had) knee, hip, ankle or shoulder surgery. Doug is able to work with you to develop a rehabilitation plans for before (prehab) and after (rehab) joint surgery to get you back to your best as early as possible.

As a podiatrist, Doug is also able to assist with any skin and nail issues on your feet. Quick and (mostly) pain free solutions are available for corns, callous and black or ingrown toe nails.

With over a decade of experience working in the sports footwear industry, Doug recognises the benefit of a correctly prescribed shoe as a means of reducing injury risk.

Combining this knowledge with the great range of shoes from the intraining Running Centre enables a professional onsite fitting service to help you find the best shoe. When shoes aren’t able to solve all of your injury problems, Doug is able to custom make orthotic insoles for your shoes (health refunds available with the podiatry cover).

Doug is a keen runner and has competed in numerous marathons (including New York and Las Vegas) and several triathlon events.

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Bachelor of Podiatry (honours), Master of Physiotherapy Studies.

Bachelor of Podiatry (honours), Master of Physiotherapy Studies.


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