Our team

intraining Running Centre’s podiatrists and physiotherapists specialise in diagnosing, treating and designing rehabilitation programs for running related injuries.  

The are all runners with extensive experience in the running and sporting footwear world.  

Click on their pics to find out more about their roles, qualifications, and what motivates them to bring you the very best in physiotherapy, podiatry, coaching and more!

Our expert team can assist you with:

  • Sporting and non-sporting conditions and injuries
  • Techniques to ease joint pain
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Mobilisation techniques
  • Running Form assessment
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Exercise and Core Strength plans
  • Dry needling
  • Orthotics for Runners, Walkers, sports people and to keep you moving

Post injury:

  • Return to training programs
  • One-on-one coaching

We provide on the spot convenient private health fund cover claims through our HICAPS system saving you time and effort so you can get back out there for your next run.

Our allied healthcare team are all accredited running coaches, avid runners and/or triathletes and understand how frustrating it can be having an injury.

Steve Manning B.Pod (Hons)

Managing Director intraining, Podiatrist & Running Coach (Level 4)

Margot Manning B.Pod

Director intraining, Podiatrist & Running Coach (Level ?)


Doug James BPod (Hons), MPhysio

Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Running Coach (Level 1)

  1. Steve Manning   

Steve has been a leader in the Brisbane running community for many years.

  • Intraining Founder & Managing Director, Podiatrist & Running Coach (Level 4)
  • Over 40 years’ experience working with runners as a coach and running shoe expert
  • Established the intraining Running & Triathlon Club 1994
  • President Member of Sports Medicine Australia, Queensland
  • Associate Lecturer in Sports Podiatry, QUT
  • Established the Queensland Sports Podiatry Group 
  • Completed 24 marathons - fastest in 2:33
  • Personal Best for 5km is 14:52 and 10km 30:41.
  • Loves running and the way it changes lives for the better
  • Actively assists runners to pursue their running goals
  • Encourages a balance of sport, work and health
  • Community minded – connects like-minded, supportive runners
  • Established the Running & Triathlon Club
  • Coached athletes to national and international level competitions
  • Little known fact: Completed seven marathons while at school
  1. Margot Manning

A love of running, competing, coaching and working in-store has given Margot a deeper understanding of not only the injury but the frustrations runners find of not being able to run.   

  • Intraining Director, Podiatrist & Running Coach (Level 2)
  • Started coaching in 1989
  • Junior athlete specialist coach
  • Adapts programs to suit your fitness levels
  • Special interest in Foot, ankle, knee, general running injury management
  • Special interest on improving Running Form
  • Established the Running & Triathlon Club
  • Manages intraining’s Runners School
  • Mother of 3 young adults
  • State and national athlete
  • Little known fact:  Went to school and on a USA running school tour with Cathy Freeman

    Margot has always run and was called “Flash” as a child by her neighbour because she was out the back fence before the back door slammed shut. She competed in events from the track 800m to 10000m, cross country, and half marathon nationally.  Won multiple state championships and placed second in the Brisbane Marathon.  Battled valiantly with her son, Daniel, and daughter,Zoe, to maintain number one position at Rocks Riverside parkrun. Their youthfulness eventually won, but the spirit of a runner will always remain. 

    Margot values the many life lessons of being a runner including understanding injury, the mental toughness required to cope with highs and setbacks of running and most of all the power of being in a running community.  

    3.Doug James

  • By combining the unique combination of Podiatry and Physiotherapy, along with 20+ years’ experience in the sports footwear industry, Doug has a wealth of knowledge in being able to accurately diagnose and treat all manner of stubborn and chronic injuries.

  • Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Running Coach (Level 1)
  • Multidisciplinary allied health professional
  • Assists with patients from beginner through to elite athletes
  • Special interests in Achilles tendon injuries, Plantar Fasciitis (Fasciosis), Knee pain (including ITB), and Hip injuries.
  • Provides strength and conditioning for runners
  • Dry needling
  • Post-surgery specialist
  • Over 20 years of experience in sports footwear
  • Custom makes orthotics
  • New York Marathon survivor
  • Little known fact: Doug spent his younger years involved in sprint distance track events and team sports.

Doug James is a keen runner, Podiatrist and Physiotherapist who has been working in the intraining running injury clinic for more than 10 years. During this time, he has helped thousands of runners of all abilities – from people starting the first steps of their running career to international level ultra-marathon runners. He has special interests in Achilles tendon injuries, Plantar Fasciitis (Fasciosis), Knee pain (including ITB), and Hip injuries.

Doug has undertaken additional training in Strength and Conditioning training for runners, Dry Needling, and is a qualified Level 1 Recreational running coach.

Being a runner himself makes a huge difference when it comes to treating other runners. Having personally experienced many of the injuries runners commonly suffer not only adds a deeper

understanding of the injury and its management, but the pain of not being able to run to your full potential, or worse still – not run at all.

Doug is a relative late-comer to distance running having spent his younger years involved in sprint distance track events and team sports. The change came after taking part in a 10km fun run and being lapped by the race winner, Olympic athlete Craig Mottram. While this was a humbling moment, the event atmosphere and Mottram’s ability were awe-inspiring and it sparked the desire to become more competitive over longer distance events.  Fast forward 20 years and Doug’s resume now includes a number of full marathons (highlights include New York and Las Vegas Marathons), dozens of half marathons (including challenging high-altitude events in Salt Lake City, Utah and Boulder, Colorado), and a handful of triathlons. The years of training eventually paid off with qualification for the ‘Elite’ (sub 40 minute) category in the Bridge 2 Brisbane 10km event.

When not running, Doug enjoys spending time with his wife and young family.