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Whether you are new to running or have been at it for years, running form is the crux of improvement, running easier or even completing longer distances. Developing your running form to suit your own personal build and gait is important to address.  

It not uncommon to hear runners swear by a particular method of foot strike, whether that be midfoot running, toe running or heel running. Question is… which method works best for you?

The intraining  Running Form Workshops and online Courses assist you with running form identification, modification, running drills and how to improve efficiency and power when running.


Our wokshops are practical sessions that focus on improving your running technique through drills, analysis and assist in improving your running efficiency. The experienced team of intraining physiotherapy, podiatry and running coaches will assist in further development of your running technique.

Prerequisite: None required

Online Course

Understanding the theory behind running form and what you need to think about is incredibly valuable when trying to apply this in the real world.  Plus if you are not local to get to our workshops then this is a perfect way to get knowledge and experience from our Running podiatry & Physiotherapy team.

Why the Running Form can be a focus?

Whether you find you are constantly injured, struggling to improve or just find running difficult, the running form workshop will provide you with the foundation and skills to develop your running. Our experienced practitioners will assist in providing you with the tools needed to understand and execute correct running form during your day to day training.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner runners:
    • The running form focus gives you a much clearer understanding of HOW to run. The form workshop is a great way to ensure your running technique develops correctly over time. We will address bad habits early on to ensure you have a happy injury free running experience.
  • Experienced runners: This does not only mean fast, but any runner who has been running for a while.
    • The session will develop and fine tune your technique.
    • These are perfect to regain your co-ordination and strength after time off from running or at the end stage of your post-injury rehab
    • Get ready to transform your running with the intraining Running Injury Clinic Running Form Workshops and Online Courses

NOTE: It is recommended that you do not participate in the practical workshops if you are injured. The online courses are perfect for you to listen to