intraining Running Centre provide sponsorship and ambassadorial support for athletes and events in the local community.

Event sponsorship

intraining Running Centre support the local running community through event sponsorships. If you have an enquiry regarding event sponsorship, please contact us.

Athlete sponsorship

intraining Running Centre provide sponsorship for enthusiastic runners and triathletes. We are always interested in supporting those athletes who contribute to the running community. Please contact us if you feel you have what it takes to become an intraining ambassador.

Meet our ambassadors

  • Clay Dawson

    Clay Dawson

  • Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs

  • Solveig Litchfield

    Solveig Litchfield

  • Osman Saleh

    Osman Saleh

  • Liam Woollett

    Liam Woollett

  • Ricky Swindale


  • Clay Dawson (team captain)

    Emily Donker


  • John Shaw

    John Shaw

  • Jacqui Waters

    Jacqui Swindale

  • Drew Williams


  • Allen Dennis

    Allen Dennis

  • Hamish Hamilton


  • Dan Symonds

    Dan Symonds