Sports injury

Podiatrists and physiotherapists at intraining Running Injury Clinic can assist in diagnosing and prescribing treatment in the following areas related to sporting injuries

Foot and Toes

Maintaining mobility is the key to staying healthy and living longer. Ensuring our feet are in good health and comfortable is an easy step to keep moving and exercising.

The foot takes excessive amounts of load as we walk, run and play. There are multiple injuries that can occur at the feet which will then either limit or stop routine activities & exercise.

These injuries range from soft tissue injuries, to joint damage, to bone injuries such as stress fractures. Being able to identify the injury early can helps make the return to exercise and running with an appropriate treatment plan.

Heel and Achilles

Achilles Tendon injuries are usually a more chronic injury that requires a more specific & tailored exercise treatment plan. Other ankle injuries such as peroneal tendonopathies and anterior ankle impingement injuries may be more biomechanically related requiring inshoe or insole modification.


Ankle sprains, & Achilles tendon injuries are the most common ankle injuries. A quick treatment and management response to an ankle sprain injury can significantly speed the recovery process. Ongoing and chronically injured ankles, may need further investigation for other underlying issues such as bone trauma, tendon & ligament tears or impingement of other tissues.

Other common ankle injuries are:
–       Achilles tendonopathy
–       Bursitis
–       Severs disease (children)
–       Ligament sprains
–       Peroneal tendonopathies
–       Fractures & stress fractures
–       Avulsion fractures
–       Anterior & posterior impingement injuries

Leg and Shin




Acute Trauma